Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google Banishment Supplimental Results Pages

Supplemental sites are part of Google’s auxiliary index. We’re able to place fewer restraints on sites that we crawl for this supplemental index than we do on sites that are crawled for our main index. For example, the number of parameters in a URL might exclude a site from being crawled for inclusion in our main index; however, it could still be crawled and added to our supplemental index. (Google Webmasters Blog)

The index in which a site is included is completely automated; there’s no way for you to select or change the index in which your site appears. Please be assured that the index in which a site is included does not affect its PageRank.

This basically means that Google will see your page results as secondary. Some of the causes include: not being linked to enough, duplicate content, or no content at all. An indication could be if your website gets the gray N/A status when you go to check your pagerank on sites that check it like SEO book, or the Google toolbar. Other reasons for N/A are banned by Google, and not crawled by Google bots or Google spiders yet.

What can you do? Put up content, link to your website from other relevent sites i.e sites that have decent to good Pagerank, edit your content so it's not stolen and Google doesen't filter your articles, or try your lot on another domain.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Should I use to make a website? PHP or ASP. What is the Difference between PHP and ASP?

Here is an aritcle about choosing to develope your website is PHP or ASP. Note that PHP now stands fore Hypertext preprocessor. I think that anything that makes creating websites more easily, cross compatable, and less expensively is ok in my book! As web developers and more importantly online marketers, we need to harness the powers of the best tools available to reach our goals.

Web pages used to be simple affairs, where everything you needed to do could be done in HTML, there was really one set of rules and one set of expectations. Today's world is far more complex.
Web pages can be more complex and customers expect more from web pages. Terms like PHP and ASP now compete with HTML when starting a web page and it can be hard to figure out what option best suits your needs.
If you've ever driven an import car, you can appreciate the importance of being able to find support that meet your needs, if you're going to kick the tires with your website and turn it into something exception, having a large community that can support you is critical.
PHP, Personal Home Pages has more support on the internet than ASP - Active Server Pages. The larger user base gives you more allies; more people who can help you develop your own talents and your website.
Another advantage of PHP is that it's based on unix, giving it more cross platform capability than ASP as increasing demands of Microsoft's operating systems level the cost playing field between Microsoft products and Apple, this is ever more important.
And did we mention that in the grand tradition of unix, PHP is free, while ASP needs support software that isn't? For add-ons and additional tools, PHP's open source has a strong base of free tools, whereas ASP demands that you purchase these tools.
You can find help for your PHP programming from free to paid. Most professional ASP support is very expensive by comparison.
Also, you have to consider the costs associated with a web hosting on Windows Server compared to Linux Servers. For most cases, you will notice a substantial difference in prices.
Not only that, but Windows severs do tend to be unstable and prone to failures, are more likely to be attacked by viruses, Trojans and exploits. Linux servers on the other hand are much more stable and the attacks windows servers suffer in a daily basis are non-existent in Linux.
If you are considering either a dedicated server or a shared hosting, your fist choice should be Linux. I've yet to find a problem that can't be solved using PHP and Linux.
With all this, you might wonder why ASP still is out there at all. Part of it stems from ASP being based on the same methodology that's used to make macros in other Microsoft products.
People that have invested the time learning how to use macros in Word or Excel will be more comfortable using ASP. PHP is based on C++, a robust computer programming language.
Before this intimidates you, the free tools that exist out there allow for a lot of this to be hidden, until you're ready to take advantage of the power behind PHP.
Putting it all together, the power, the cost, flexibility, stability and support of PHP is far superior to that of ASP. If you're going to commit to building the best web page you can, commit to using the best tools you can.
Investing in learning PHP will pay off when you're able to pop the hood, invite your friends over and transform your web page from a normal, average, page to a sophisticated and highly toned performance page. is the premier web hosting company in Mexico, offering a range or services for all business needs.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The difference between trackbacks and pingbacks (Pings) in blogging.

Trackbacks and pingbacks are similar but have their differences. Trackbacks were created by SixApart, the people who created the Movable Type blogging service. Trackbacks allow a blogger send to another blogger a link back their blog post. The purpose is to stimulate more conversation by having two blogs involved with the same topic. Trackbacks are supposed to help prevent bloger comment spamming, because they are from another blog and not random spam selling websites.

Pingbacks use differing communication technologies. Pingbacks use XML-RPC technology. Trackbacks use HTTP POST technology. Pingbacks use something called auto discovery in which the blogging software automatically detects links in a post. It also, automatically attempts to pingback the URLs. Trackbacks do this manually. With trackbacks in the blogosphere, a user has to manually enter the trackback URL that the user wants the trackback to be sent to. Pingbacks as opposed to trackbacks don’t actually send any content (text/images) when executed.

Trackbacks and pingbacks are a remote method to leave links and or comments on other blogs. Trackbacks send a link and content whereas pingbacks don’t . Trackbacks can be edited by the blogger who received the trackback. Pingbacks just send over the link from the other blogger.

The choice of using a trackback for a pingback is dependent on the blogger or user. Trackbacks are much harder to verify. They can come from anyone. Pingbacks are much more authenticate and verifiable, where the blogger being pinged verifies that the pinger is saying who they say they really are.

Feel free to trackback or ping this post!

Monday, August 25, 2008

How to online market sites like wish4free to get paid a lot of money or get free gifts

I added another wish4free website to my links over to the right. The website is My Acer aspire 3680 had a little accident involving falling of my car a hem, and I could really use the mobility that a laptop allows for. I like wish4free because they promptly send the free gift or Paypal payment once you complete your referral offer and then get others to do so. Wish4free has a really good offer where you can get $240 dollars for only referring two people. That’s a really good deal by my standards.

Here is some e-commerce strategy for all of you people out there looking to get free items or money by signing up for referral links like the ones in the right hand corner of this page.

First, click the links in the blog under “links to get free electronics,” then sign up for an offer, which you can cancel in a few days. Finally, get others do use your link to sign up.

This is the tricky part. I had originally had really good success with this by just putting up eBay auctions. Right off the bat, I completed some Gratis network free stuff websites. I received an Apple Ipod 80 GB, Apple Ipod 30 GB, a Playstation 2 slim, and and Ipod shuffle (looked very different a few years ago). eBay caught on fast, and their staff doesn’t allow me to put up referral links. It’s also funny how many people never read my auction and thought that I was physically selling the actual item.

These days, it’s not so easy to get referrals. However, e-commerce marketers employ a few strategies to get free items from sites like wish4free, gratis networks, offer centric, and transcendent innovations (they have a unique system where you can complete the referrals for yourself).

Trading in forums: People go into forums like Freeipodguide and anything4free and trade referrals. This can be a good way to do it, but it gets very involved. Luckily, they have a trading rating system that helps prevent against users being taken advantage of. The system favors users who have traded more. These users get to go second in the trade, which is a huge advantage if the free Ipod/stuff trader doesn’t pull through.

Conga lines: These are systems where a group of people agree to form a line. The conga leader gets his or her free site referrals completed by everyone below. Then, after the conga leader is finished with their referrals. The person in Conga position number two becomes the conga leader. The process is then repeated for the new conga leader. Conga lines work great, especially if the people behind the conga leaders communicate well. This spreads out the effort evening between all the conga members, and thus sites like wish4free will easily be completed and everyone is happy. Other methods of web marketing referral free Ipod/stuff sites are social networking, blogging, and pay per click. I’ll get into these more in part two of this article.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Providing free products such as free web site traffic counting tools is the way to go.

ThomasNet, is a publishing company that connects buyers with suppliers in the industrial industry. Anyone who chooses to do business with them can use their free online analytics tool called webtraxs, Providing free products is the way to go these days. With the internet becoming more and more crowded, the best way to get people interested in your products is by offering them for free!

Webtraxs is a client side analytical tool that tracks web site visitors based on cookies. The benefit of client side over server side analytical tools is that client side is that you can get more in depth statistics in your web site visitor reports. Client side tracking enables every page to be fully examined and detailed stats are available such as: bounce rate, entry pages, exit pages, origination, time on site, keywords, and more. Client side analytics resides on the user’s computer as opposed to server side which just tracks base stats from the server.

Free net tracking sites weren’t always available. It used to be left to just large companies to gain control on their website traffic. Now free stat counters enable you to take control of your clicks to your website and see which areas of the site need improvement and which don’t. You can click directly on a link that shows where the user came from and it will take you to this referrer website. No other media medium allows for such tight control and the World Wide Web.

Keep an eye out for free products like stat counters and don’t forget to offer free products yourself if you are a doing business. They will pay off in dividends many times over.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Google Analytics Features and the Difference between Google Analytics and Web Tracking Tools.

In the year 2005 Google acquired Urchin and used their software to their Google analytics tracking. Google analytics is used for tracking and creating business plans for free. There are three different types of in Google Analytics web tracking. There are executive Google analytics accounts, marketer (GA) accounts, and webmaster (GA accounts). You can also choose between marketing optimization and content optimization within your Google Analytics tracking account. Google analytics offers a vast amount of data including, where in the world came from, keyword reports, search engine reports, visits, page views, direct visits (visits from search engine queries), referral visits (visits from other websites that link to you), time on the site, and more.

Google Analytics is easily integrated with Google Adwords campaigns and Google Adsense campaigns. You can track your data using conversion tracking. This is crucial to success with your campaigns.

Google Analytics is known for not showing the spider (bots that crawl the internet) searches in their web site statistical reports. This is a question that I have often heard from clients at my hotel web marketing company that I work for. They ask, “Why do other online analytical reporting software like Statcounter, Urchin, Web Trends, Hitwize, and, show such different results than Google Analytics?” The answer lies in the fact that Google knows their own search bots/spiders, and these aren’t counted in the statistical reports. Also, definitions are different between different reporting programs. A page visit in GA may be counted as something different in another program. Google Analytics counts a page visit as one even if the user visits the site twice within a half hour time span as long as the browser that the user is on is still open. This could differ in other programs. There are two types to methods that analytics web site programs use. Cookie based web site reporting and IP based web site reporting. With Cookie reporting, (Google Analytics uses cookies based web site tracking) web sites that have cookies turned off in their browser will not show up in the reports. Also, search engine bots and spiders will not be counted. With IP based tracking, more page visits are going to be counted.

Google Analytics is a great way to track web site hits and varies greatly from different web traffic reporting programs. I will explain each program more in detail and other ways in which they differ in part two of this article. Keep reading to follow along.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Google Analytics Explained Part one. The basics of Google Analytics. How to install the tracking code into your website to track your web hits

Google Analytics (GA) is a free website tracking tool provided by Google. It allows website owners to create and install tracking code to put into their websites. The code is automatically generated by the program. The procedure is simple. Go to and click analytics (second blue link near the top right). Next click add website profiles (bottom left blue link). Next enter your website address into the field that you see. You don’t need to worry about entering http:// (hyper text protocol) because that is already done for you. The code will automatically be there for you. Click on the code and then hold down control and hit "a" to select all of the text. After this hold down control and hit c to copy the text to the clipboard. Then go to your website or blog and paste the code into your website. Mine looked like this.

I created notes indicating that the Google Analytics code was starting on my business website. These notes are invisible to end users who will be looking at the website and help me to easily find where I put the code. I installed the code near the bottom of the website after I logged into my FTP server account at The code was put before the ending tag.

After the code is installed, you can go back to your Google Analytics account and click finish. Now in the website profiles table, you can see your website url and in the sixth column (vertical) you will see that the status changes to updating. Then finally it will have a little green check mark and say completed and tracking. After you see this, you can now click view reports in the column next to the status column (two to the left). There you will see the main tracking line graph, visits online tracking, page views online tracking, bounce rate (how many people loaded your web site and just left—this is bad!), average time on site, maps, direct visits, referring sites, and more. These are all located on your dashboard, which is a floating, semi-transparent window that provides contextual access to commonly used tools in a software program, according to Wikipedia (basically just a simple window that lets you have access to the tools or things that you will need to use throughout the website).

This is how a Google Analytics account is set up. Keep reading more articles by myself on this topic to get a details on how to use Google Analytics reporting tools and other web site tracking tools.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Master Google Analytics Website Optimizer. How to get a Better Conversion Rate, ROI, and Customer Loyalty at the Granular Level. Maximising Web Hits

With the World Wide Web becoming a jumble of web pages and hyper text markup language, e-marketers, or online marketers need to become even more methodically suave at the micro level in order to achieve online business success. Google’s website optimizer is a must use in today’s over competitive world of web clicks.

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that your website looks clean and crisp. Also, make sure that that vital information is included above the page fold (the area of the web page that is visible when a user loads the page). Info that gives the visitor a reason to stay, purchase company products (the online shopping cart), download information, fill out an interest form, or procure services should be clearly laid out above the page fold. As a web site owner it’s also important to think about repeat business, and include a newsletter or email subscription prominently on the home page. To get started, Feedburner ( is a free email subscription tool and is a great way to get started. This tool includes free statistics as well including page views and unique (your web site reach) visitors.

Any of these desired actions that are performed on your website are known as conversions in the Google online marketing world. With the Google website optimizer, you can perform two types of testing. A/B split tests and Multivariate testing. A/V Google optimizer is best used when your website gets a low amount of traffic. It’s also best used when you are testing different web pages, or want to move things around on that web page.

Multivariate testing is different than A/B testing. It is used for testing on different locations within a web page. It’s best used when there is high traffic on that particular website page. Also, its optimal use is when you want to test multiple locations at the same time on a web site page.

With multivariate testing, you’ll first want to identify and tag which links that you want to test and the goal for those links. Next you’ll need to follow the installation guide after you click on the Google website optimizer tab. In this process, you’ll be implementing variations and implementing code for your net marketing analysis needs. The website optimizer will automatically create different variations for the usage of your test pages. Use the preview feature to see how these variations will look before you run it live on your website. After you’re done previewing, you can run your experiment. You’ll want to periodically analyze your results to make sure that they are effective. Another feature that is available is that you will be able to copy the experiment if you want to run it again and see results.

The Google multivariate test will show reports including data that will show how the percentage of conversions has changed since the variations and combinations were added.

Implementing the Google website optimizer is a granular way of tracking how a web page is performing and will help to optimize conversions, Return on Investment (ROI calculated by profit divided costs), and help gain customer devotion.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Facebook advertising and creating a Facebook business page for online branding

Advertising your business on Facebook is an excellent idea for reaching out to people.. Best of all, it’s free! All you have to do is invest some time and energy into it, and you can have your business linked to a Facebook page in no time (just a few minutes). With a Facebook business page, the owner (admin) can upload photos, write a description, send out fan updates, and pay for targeted advertising. Fans can participate in discussions, post videos, post on the wall, post links, and more. Your friends will be able to see that you are a fan of your business, and will be able to find your business page this way. Your friends or fans can use the share button (the blue button with a plus symbol) on the page to send out business page invites via name on Facebook, email address, or friend list. This is great because you don’t have to necessarily do all of the organic advertising yourself. If you connect with enough people or if your friends can, then the Facebook page will market virally by itself.

In a Facebook business page, the admin can import a blog easily by clicking on the notes tab, then click on import a blog to notes. Each blog post in an external blog, such as Wordpress (open source blogging software) will then be automatically uploaded to the Facebook business profile. A business owner can also insert widgets or pieces of source code that will enable the owner to do things like integrate their Flickr photos into Facebook or their Picasa album. Here is where to begin creating a Facebook business page

Facebook now has over 65 millions users. There is an average of over 250,000 new Facebook registrations per day. Facebook is rapidly growing in the 25 and over age group market demographic. Facebook gets over 70 billion page views per month with people spending about 25 minutes a day on it. Facebook is the number one photo sharing application on the web. These statistics are staggering and reinforce the logic behind creating a Facebook page for your business.

I think you understand the point now. Putting your business up on Facebook is a great way to advertise your business. Creating a Facebook business page takes only a few minutes and is risk free. Others have the chance to advertise the page for you, or you can send out invites yourself. Get started today and be on your way to mastering the social networking world.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to use Google Adwords to advertise your business sucessfully

The upshot to winning marketing is understanding what users want, perseverance, and reaching out to potential customers in order to create worth and to maximize their experience. I’d like to share some information about mastering Google Adwords with you. I was thinking about it on the train along the way to work today and couldn’t help but blog about this topic today. With the cost per click or (CPC) on the rise, it’s important to realize that in a Google Adwords campaign, you may or may not see a positive return on investment right away. Creating value is key to the contemporary day marketer, and you may have to wait until customers who signed up for your online newsletter or e-mail subscriptions pull through. Google Adwords is the most well known online advertising pay per click system (PPC). It allows businesses or any advertiser to get right to the point, and get what you pay for. Google Adwords brings the search experience back to the customer. Instead of stuffing annoying pop-up ads, spam emails, or banner ads into user’s faces, people search for what they want to using search engines. Yahoo Search Marketing formerly called Omniture is another PPC system where advertisers can pay for clicks. Google Adwords allows for the user to set up a hierarchy in their advertising structure. The campaigns are sub-organized into groups, and you can make them even smaller into keyword groups in order to better track cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on investment (ROI). Cost per acquisition is simply calculated by dividing the total cost by the conversions (success in what your are selling). Return on investment which is another financial term used in marketing is simply total revenues divided by total cost. Maximizing return on investment for your Google Adwords marketing campaign can be a difficult task, especially for the novice advertiser. Numerous new advertisers think that you have to spend a lot of money to get into the number one spot on the Google Adwords rotation (this is the order that the ads will show up when a user searches for your keywords). There are ten spots on the ad rotation for the first page. This means that you will want to be within the top ten positions in order to get good search engine visibility. Intuitively, you don’t need to be in the number one spot, which is usually over paid for in a Google Adwords bidding war. Being in one of the top ten spots will suffice. With Google Adwords, you enter a maximum bid amount that you are willing to pay. If you pay the minimum, then you may be outbid too much and have a low click through ratio. The click through ratio is calculated by dividing clicks by the total number of impressions (how many times your ad appeared). Increasing your bid or optimizing your keyword groups (use the Google Adwords keyword tool or the Wordtracker keyword tool) will help bring up your click through ratio and ad position. With the right strategy, you can become a successful Google Adwords advertiser and create a valuable experience for customers while gaining a profit for your business.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

how to find the best affiliate products to sell

I remember putting survey affiliate links into my eBay profile (about me page). I received a check for 80 dollars over a week or to for people who signed up. It seems like people are always willing to try things to make a quick dollar. It's hard to know exactly what to sell though. This article below has some good affiliate marketing tips. has a rating system to help you out the finding affiliate advertising with high conversion rates. Read the article below to become one step closer to mastering the online marketing world.

There are thousands of affiliate products out there covering every topic and niche you can possible think of. They come in many different flavors, e-books, reports, videos, coaching programs, training systems, the list goes on and on. For each of these affiliate products there are tens, hundreds and in some case thousands of people just like you trying to sell them.

But with so much diversity and choice how do you which products are the best. By this I mean which ones will sell more easily, make you the greatest commissions and raise your profile in the internet marketing circle.

The first thing you need is a idea, what are you passionate about maybe you have a keen interest in health and fitness or you enjoy taking photographs. Maybe you are an expert in internet marketing. Find a niche that you know something about, you need to be able to write about it and educate others.

Now dont panic, you do not have to be an expert on your chosen niche, you just need to know something about it. Chances are that you will already know more than 99% of the people out there.

Where is the best place to start? We need to first establish if your chosen niche or subject is suitable for affiliate marketing. To do this simply follow these 3 steps.

Step 1 - Use Google

Google is a great reference to how competitive a niche is and how many people advertise in it. If you open Google in your browser and search for, lets say health and fitness. You will get pages and pages of results, however we are interested in the sponsored results. This are shown on the right hand side of the search results and sometimes in a purple box above the natural or organic results.

Companies and individuals have to pay for sponsored adverts so this is a good indication if your niche is going to profitable. The more sponsored links the better as more people want a slice of the action. You are better choosing a overcrowded niche than a quiet one. You know this is popular it is easier to try and sell into a competitive niche rather than be a pioneer with a new product and a untested niche.

Step 2 - is a huge directory of the web. We are going to use DMOZ to find out if there are any forums and chat sites for you chosen niche. I have found the best way to do this is to find your chosen niche using the links on the homepage and then look for the Resources option in the list. You can then breakdown this again and find chats and forums. It can take a little time to get used to, but if there are forums for niche you should find them here. Forums offer a good marketing opportunity that I will be covering in another article.

Step 3 - Find the products

I use two ways to fid the products now that I have identified that my niche is competitive and that there are forums and chat rooms where people go to discuss and advise each other.

Method 1 - Go back to Google and search for your niche + affiliate product or + affiliate opportunity. It depends very much on your niche but this can lead to good results.

Method 2 - Go to and click on the Marketplace. You can now search in your chosen niche and you will be given a list of products that are available for you to sell. Each product includes a link to the sellers homepage, the cost of the product and the amount of commission you can receive for each sale and most important of all the gravity score. This is basically how good the product it, the higher the score the better, this signifies a good commission rate and a high rate of conversions. A conversion is when a visitor goes to the sellers site and buys the product.

We have run through the 3 basic steps that will help you to find the best affiliate products. If you want to take your affiliate marketing to the next step get the step by step video course at

I wish you the best of success.

Mark Voce

If you want a affiliate marketing product that will actually show you how to make money, include all the steps and cut out the bull, check out Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Greatest Living American Steven Colbert

Steven Colbert has been dubbed the greatest living American thanks to fans who have been posting this on the Internet. Its hilarious that he has made fun of the Internet in this way. This reminds me of when a bunch of nerdy developers got president George W. Bush to show up as ignorant. This was done in the days when the web wasn't so cluttered search bots were fooled by the mass amount of keywords containing the phrase. 

Steven tyronne Colbert was once an understudy to Steve Carell with the improve group second city. He also was on strangers with candy. His show the Colbert Report has won 3 Emmy's and it one of the top comedy central shows. Steve was named one of the 100 most influential people by Times Magazine. His book I Am America (and so can you!) became a top New York Times Bestseller

Steven truly has lived the American dream. His show is pretty funny. I don't watch it as much as I used to, but it's still worth tuning in now and then because his satires are great. Jonathan Stewart really gave him a great start and he has taken off with it in style. I remember back in high school when all my friends would tune in for the Daily show every night. Nothing like poking fun of our somewhat dysfunctional politicians, leaders, and society. 

Affiliate Network Wish4Free Added

Please take note that today I added the Wish4free desktop pc network to my affiliate marketing section in the upper right corner of the blog. I added them today because I know the owner and he's very down to earth. He marketed his site in the freestuffguide forum and it took off virally. Once you sign up for an offer (which are cancelable through the links to the right, you can market your affiliate link in forums, blogs, IM clients, with friends, and more. This site is particularly interesting because if you can refer your link to only two people, then you can receive a generous cash prize of two-hundred and forty dollars. There always seems to be a bit more motivation to participate in referral programs when the prize is in eyeball range. Ipod nano sites are also usually within range fairly easily for many people. Gratis networks is where I started, I received a free 1 gigabyte gb ipod shuffle, 30 gb ipod photo, and 60 gb ipod photo. I did most of my marketing on eBay, they have since clamped down heavily on affiliate links. Many marketers offer their affiliate eBay links in the eBay about me page. You have to put your auction in the right category though, such as the everything else category. Also, using brand specific names like portable Apple Ipod Nano 8 gb will get your listing ended. Some online web marketers choose to sneak in one day auctions and grab as many referrals as they can. I notice that when I do affiliate marketing in the Yahoo finance forum, I get a lot of sign ups, but they don't complete the offers for some reason. I guess they are preoccupied with other things like stocks and could care less about e-marketing strategy and affiliate marketing. 

Referral affiliate marketing is often done by high school and college students who know a lot of people through their schools. If you're a webmaster however, you can make alot of money and get cool free stuff like apple mini imacs, dell pcs, compaq presario pc's, portable laptops,  mobile  digital mp3 players, free gift cards, free flat screen tv's, and more. Time is always a issue, but if you have webspace with decent traffic, then this could be for you. 

Another way to do any affiliate marketing, and directly, is to become good at managing pay per click campaigns. Tracking your return on investment will be important. You want to make sure that your not paying out too much money per referral sign up. You can set up a Google Adwords account or use other forms of online ads like AdReady  and Adbrite to get started. Some affiliate of companies like Ebay, Amazon, and Apple claim to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars through affiliate programs. 

In affiliate advertising. There are advertisers ( the people who want their products sold) and publishers (those who use websites, blogs, ezines (online magazines), and pay for advertising to make sales. Once a sale is made, the advertiser then pays the affiliate. 

Being a publisher if you have a website is worth it, but you have to make sure that your clients and customers don;t cancel on you. You have know your return polices and relay this to your affiliates (publishers). 

When being an affiliate or online sales person for an advertiser like Amazon, make sure that the affiliate program they are using keeps accurate accounts of sales. Some companies prefer to use third party affiliate channels like commission junction. The down side is that cj costs about 12500 to sign up for and asks for thirty percent commissions per transaction. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Solegy announces the Chatvertizer for Chat room Advertising

Solegy announced that they received an award for innovation from Unified Communications Magazine for their Chatvertizer application. It allows for business’s to reach targeted customers in chat rooms. Their ServicePDQ Platfrom will handle robots that will pick keywords from chatrooms and there will be a bidding system integrated in a competitive environment.

It is debated whether people in chat rooms will click adds as opposed to just chatting. Also, Iv’e heard that programs like Google Adwords won’t advertise in chatrooms because it can’t figure out the main topic to put up their ads about.

Solegy’s chatvertizer seeks to break up the confusion and allow for its robots to target specific keywords within the chatroom. Despite controversy over chatroom advertising, I think that the bottom line is that targeted advertising works whether we like it or not. It’s a great idea that Solegy has for businesses looking to market their products and services. I think that their proven track record due to forward thinking in the IP-PBX industry shows that they will have a program worth talking about.

5 More SEO Tips

1. Prominence is very important in SEO. Prominence is how high up on the page your important keywords are.
2. Font will make important keywords stand out more. Bolden important keywords and/or Italicize them.
3. Bad fonts- Don't spam your webpage with opaque or transparent keywords just to cram in keywords. Google won't like this.
4. Keyword Density is considered to be less important these days. When the Google first became popular it was, now focus more on using the right keywords.
5. Get high quality links to your website. By high quality, I mean links from related websites with high Google Pagerank. Try to get these links to your site created with your sites theme in the keywords

5 More SEO Tips

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Out N’ Back of New Jersey Run

"The Out N’ Back of New Jersey Run"

Here's an announcement that I'd like to address, because a few other associates and I are involved with the general and local media campaign for an amazing event that is about to take place that is for a great cause!

Jody-Lynn Reicher, the North American Women’s 24 Hour Treadmill Record Holder, Badwater Veteran, and Ultra-Marathoner will be running the entire length of my home state, NJ (New Jorrrsey) Monday April 21st 2008 at 9am till Sunday April 27th 2008 at 9am. (that’s a whole lot of mileage!) She'll be
running from the northern most tip of New Jersey to the southern most tip of New Jersey and back to the northern most tip of New Jersey in 6 days. The distance is approximately 450 miles on foot round trip. She'll be running from Port Jervis, NY to the Cape May Lighthouse taking a west-central route. Then she’ll be running from Cape May NJ back to Port Jervis NY taking an east-central route. Most of the run will take place on local roads. She's running to raise awareness and funds for the below mentioned charities, to promote health and fitness in the Garden State, and to bring awareness and promote the beauty and tourism in the state of New Jersey.

Here's her ultramarathon runner website and charity website

She'll be running for:

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

International Brain Research Foundation

Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

Team Fox-NJ

The Mary Therese Rose Foundation

If anyone wants to make a donation or is in the area just visit her website or leave a reply.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

SEO Tips for Beginners

Hey all. I decided to syndicate this ezine article for this post. I'm really busy today and thought you mind find this useful. I chose this article because it has some great beginner SEO tips.

SEO Tips for Beginners

There are many people who have absolutely no idea as to how to promote a website or about the basics of search engine optimisation. This is where this article could prove to be invaluable, I am going to be writing about the best ways to market a website and will be providing some essential SEO advice.

Each website will have a number of keywords that potential visitors will use to locate the site via the search engines. If you are a web designer, a couple of your keywords would be web design and web designer. You may want it to be more specific, if you were based in Birmingham one of your keywords could be web designer in Birmingham. I think you will understand the meaning of a keyword by now. It is very important that all of your keywords appear on your homepage. This helps the major search engines to locate your site for those keywords. You will be amazed how many webmasters do not include their keywords on their homepage, a basic but very important mistake.

When promoting your website you should first make yourself familiar with the guidelines of each of the major search engines, especially Google. These guidelines are updated on a regular basis therefore you should also read them on a regular basis.

Backward links are all the rage, some SEO experts say that the more links you can obtain, the higher your site will rank on the major search engines.

I think for a novice or beginner the best and easiest way to obtain backward links is via article marketing. Writing articles and submitting them to sites such as ezinearticles and goarticles has proven to be a very popular and beneficial form of web promotion for many years, it is also likely to stay this way for many years to come. It is also free so what could be better? I have had some outstanding results from article marketing and am sure that you will to. Good luck with promoting your website.

Steve Hill is a webmaster from Birmingham, he has interests in a number of websites including:
Stuttering specialist
How to increase your confidence
DVD duplication

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5 Beginners tips for website optimization (SEO)

  1. Use a keyword tool to find out what is being searched most on the internet. Wordtracker is a really good service and pays off for itself.
  2. optimize each web page for certain keywords. Use keyword density tools for this.
  3. Put the keyword that you’re optimizing for that particular web page into the title tags of the page. About 50 to 60 characters will do.
  4. Put these keywords into the <Meta/> tags of your website (however, it is generally accepted that <Meta> tags aren’t indexed by search engine spiders (search engine bots) anymore, but it can’t hurt. Put about 250 characters in these tags
  5. Put keywords into the attributes of your website. Don’t spam the webpage with them, but in a large graphic, you can do more repeating of the same keyword. attributes are used to show the text of an image. Some internet users choose to disable images from loading for faster load times. Try putting your mouse pointer onto an image an you’ll see what I mean.

These are some basic tips, and there are more to come. It’ll take a lot of discussion and thought to reach our goal of transcendence in the e-marketing category, but this will do for now. Keep reading for more on search engine optimization, and please don’t forget to subscribe to this blog via email or rss feed (the little orange box up by the Uniform Resource Locater (Mozilla) or the upper right corner if you’re using Microsoft internet explorer. ( for those of you who aren’t familiar with RSS Feeds, I’ll be covering that topic too!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marketingographer experiential blast off!

Hey! I'm Joe as you can see in my profile probably by now! I work for Solegy in NYC in the marketing department. The purpose of the marketingographer blog is to map out a new way of thinking in the marketing world with our own cartographer minds, and our own compasses. I and anyone who contributes to this blog will seek to break through the clutter, to map the new territory that is shaping the marketing world. I aim to inspire and motivate you into realizing that marketing is all around us. Don't be boring and normal. You only get to live once, Carpe diem! (I don't know if I spelled that right who cares!) I want you to see that in marketing we are going to transcend the every day, cut through the rubble, and inspire our way to our ultimate goal, which is harmony.

"Marketing isn't just selling, it's fulfilling people's needs in the most ingenious way, and in today's world these needs aren't base, consumers are looking for products and services that add value to their life, and that create a unique identity for themselves. This is the marketing concept."