Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5 Beginners tips for website optimization (SEO)

  1. Use a keyword tool to find out what is being searched most on the internet. Wordtracker is a really good service and pays off for itself.
  2. optimize each web page for certain keywords. Use keyword density tools for this.
  3. Put the keyword that you’re optimizing for that particular web page into the title tags of the page. About 50 to 60 characters will do.
  4. Put these keywords into the <Meta/> tags of your website (however, it is generally accepted that <Meta> tags aren’t indexed by search engine spiders (search engine bots) anymore, but it can’t hurt. Put about 250 characters in these tags
  5. Put keywords into the attributes of your website. Don’t spam the webpage with them, but in a large graphic, you can do more repeating of the same keyword. attributes are used to show the text of an image. Some internet users choose to disable images from loading for faster load times. Try putting your mouse pointer onto an image an you’ll see what I mean.

These are some basic tips, and there are more to come. It’ll take a lot of discussion and thought to reach our goal of transcendence in the e-marketing category, but this will do for now. Keep reading for more on search engine optimization, and please don’t forget to subscribe to this blog via email or rss feed (the little orange box up by the Uniform Resource Locater (Mozilla) or the upper right corner if you’re using Microsoft internet explorer. ( for those of you who aren’t familiar with RSS Feeds, I’ll be covering that topic too!)

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