Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marketingographer experiential blast off!

Hey! I'm Joe as you can see in my profile probably by now! I work for Solegy in NYC in the marketing department. The purpose of the marketingographer blog is to map out a new way of thinking in the marketing world with our own cartographer minds, and our own compasses. I and anyone who contributes to this blog will seek to break through the clutter, to map the new territory that is shaping the marketing world. I aim to inspire and motivate you into realizing that marketing is all around us. Don't be boring and normal. You only get to live once, Carpe diem! (I don't know if I spelled that right who cares!) I want you to see that in marketing we are going to transcend the every day, cut through the rubble, and inspire our way to our ultimate goal, which is harmony.

"Marketing isn't just selling, it's fulfilling people's needs in the most ingenious way, and in today's world these needs aren't base, consumers are looking for products and services that add value to their life, and that create a unique identity for themselves. This is the marketing concept."

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