Thursday, February 21, 2008

SEO Tips for Beginners

Hey all. I decided to syndicate this ezine article for this post. I'm really busy today and thought you mind find this useful. I chose this article because it has some great beginner SEO tips.

SEO Tips for Beginners

There are many people who have absolutely no idea as to how to promote a website or about the basics of search engine optimisation. This is where this article could prove to be invaluable, I am going to be writing about the best ways to market a website and will be providing some essential SEO advice.

Each website will have a number of keywords that potential visitors will use to locate the site via the search engines. If you are a web designer, a couple of your keywords would be web design and web designer. You may want it to be more specific, if you were based in Birmingham one of your keywords could be web designer in Birmingham. I think you will understand the meaning of a keyword by now. It is very important that all of your keywords appear on your homepage. This helps the major search engines to locate your site for those keywords. You will be amazed how many webmasters do not include their keywords on their homepage, a basic but very important mistake.

When promoting your website you should first make yourself familiar with the guidelines of each of the major search engines, especially Google. These guidelines are updated on a regular basis therefore you should also read them on a regular basis.

Backward links are all the rage, some SEO experts say that the more links you can obtain, the higher your site will rank on the major search engines.

I think for a novice or beginner the best and easiest way to obtain backward links is via article marketing. Writing articles and submitting them to sites such as ezinearticles and goarticles has proven to be a very popular and beneficial form of web promotion for many years, it is also likely to stay this way for many years to come. It is also free so what could be better? I have had some outstanding results from article marketing and am sure that you will to. Good luck with promoting your website.

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