Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Solegy announces the Chatvertizer for Chat room Advertising

Solegy announced that they received an award for innovation from Unified Communications Magazine for their Chatvertizer application. It allows for business’s to reach targeted customers in chat rooms. Their ServicePDQ Platfrom will handle robots that will pick keywords from chatrooms and there will be a bidding system integrated in a competitive environment.

It is debated whether people in chat rooms will click adds as opposed to just chatting. Also, Iv’e heard that programs like Google Adwords won’t advertise in chatrooms because it can’t figure out the main topic to put up their ads about.

Solegy’s chatvertizer seeks to break up the confusion and allow for its robots to target specific keywords within the chatroom. Despite controversy over chatroom advertising, I think that the bottom line is that targeted advertising works whether we like it or not. It’s a great idea that Solegy has for businesses looking to market their products and services. I think that their proven track record due to forward thinking in the IP-PBX industry shows that they will have a program worth talking about.

5 More SEO Tips

1. Prominence is very important in SEO. Prominence is how high up on the page your important keywords are.
2. Font will make important keywords stand out more. Bolden important keywords and/or Italicize them.
3. Bad fonts- Don't spam your webpage with opaque or transparent keywords just to cram in keywords. Google won't like this.
4. Keyword Density is considered to be less important these days. When the Google first became popular it was, now focus more on using the right keywords.
5. Get high quality links to your website. By high quality, I mean links from related websites with high Google Pagerank. Try to get these links to your site created with your sites theme in the keywords

5 More SEO Tips