Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Affiliate Network Wish4Free Added

Please take note that today I added the Wish4free desktop pc network to my affiliate marketing section in the upper right corner of the blog. I added them today because I know the owner and he's very down to earth. He marketed his site in the freestuffguide forum and it took off virally. Once you sign up for an offer (which are cancelable through the links to the right, you can market your affiliate link in forums, blogs, IM clients, with friends, and more. This site is particularly interesting because if you can refer your link to only two people, then you can receive a generous cash prize of two-hundred and forty dollars. There always seems to be a bit more motivation to participate in referral programs when the prize is in eyeball range. Ipod nano sites are also usually within range fairly easily for many people. Gratis networks is where I started, I received a free 1 gigabyte gb ipod shuffle, 30 gb ipod photo, and 60 gb ipod photo. I did most of my marketing on eBay, they have since clamped down heavily on affiliate links. Many marketers offer their affiliate eBay links in the eBay about me page. You have to put your auction in the right category though, such as the everything else category. Also, using brand specific names like portable Apple Ipod Nano 8 gb will get your listing ended. Some online web marketers choose to sneak in one day auctions and grab as many referrals as they can. I notice that when I do affiliate marketing in the Yahoo finance forum, I get a lot of sign ups, but they don't complete the offers for some reason. I guess they are preoccupied with other things like stocks and could care less about e-marketing strategy and affiliate marketing. 

Referral affiliate marketing is often done by high school and college students who know a lot of people through their schools. If you're a webmaster however, you can make alot of money and get cool free stuff like apple mini imacs, dell pcs, compaq presario pc's, portable laptops,  mobile  digital mp3 players, free gift cards, free flat screen tv's, and more. Time is always a issue, but if you have webspace with decent traffic, then this could be for you. 

Another way to do any affiliate marketing, and directly, is to become good at managing pay per click campaigns. Tracking your return on investment will be important. You want to make sure that your not paying out too much money per referral sign up. You can set up a Google Adwords account or use other forms of online ads like AdReady  and Adbrite to get started. Some affiliate of companies like Ebay, Amazon, and Apple claim to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars through affiliate programs. 

In affiliate advertising. There are advertisers ( the people who want their products sold) and publishers (those who use websites, blogs, ezines (online magazines), and pay for advertising to make sales. Once a sale is made, the advertiser then pays the affiliate. 

Being a publisher if you have a website is worth it, but you have to make sure that your clients and customers don;t cancel on you. You have know your return polices and relay this to your affiliates (publishers). 

When being an affiliate or online sales person for an advertiser like Amazon, make sure that the affiliate program they are using keeps accurate accounts of sales. Some companies prefer to use third party affiliate channels like commission junction. The down side is that cj costs about 12500 to sign up for and asks for thirty percent commissions per transaction. 

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