Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Facebook advertising and creating a Facebook business page for online branding

Advertising your business on Facebook is an excellent idea for reaching out to people.. Best of all, it’s free! All you have to do is invest some time and energy into it, and you can have your business linked to a Facebook page in no time (just a few minutes). With a Facebook business page, the owner (admin) can upload photos, write a description, send out fan updates, and pay for targeted advertising. Fans can participate in discussions, post videos, post on the wall, post links, and more. Your friends will be able to see that you are a fan of your business, and will be able to find your business page this way. Your friends or fans can use the share button (the blue button with a plus symbol) on the page to send out business page invites via name on Facebook, email address, or friend list. This is great because you don’t have to necessarily do all of the organic advertising yourself. If you connect with enough people or if your friends can, then the Facebook page will market virally by itself.

In a Facebook business page, the admin can import a blog easily by clicking on the notes tab, then click on import a blog to notes. Each blog post in an external blog, such as Wordpress (open source blogging software) will then be automatically uploaded to the Facebook business profile. A business owner can also insert widgets or pieces of source code that will enable the owner to do things like integrate their Flickr photos into Facebook or their Picasa album. Here is where to begin creating a Facebook business page

Facebook now has over 65 millions users. There is an average of over 250,000 new Facebook registrations per day. Facebook is rapidly growing in the 25 and over age group market demographic. Facebook gets over 70 billion page views per month with people spending about 25 minutes a day on it. Facebook is the number one photo sharing application on the web. These statistics are staggering and reinforce the logic behind creating a Facebook page for your business.

I think you understand the point now. Putting your business up on Facebook is a great way to advertise your business. Creating a Facebook business page takes only a few minutes and is risk free. Others have the chance to advertise the page for you, or you can send out invites yourself. Get started today and be on your way to mastering the social networking world.

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