Monday, August 25, 2008

How to online market sites like wish4free to get paid a lot of money or get free gifts

I added another wish4free website to my links over to the right. The website is My Acer aspire 3680 had a little accident involving falling of my car a hem, and I could really use the mobility that a laptop allows for. I like wish4free because they promptly send the free gift or Paypal payment once you complete your referral offer and then get others to do so. Wish4free has a really good offer where you can get $240 dollars for only referring two people. That’s a really good deal by my standards.

Here is some e-commerce strategy for all of you people out there looking to get free items or money by signing up for referral links like the ones in the right hand corner of this page.

First, click the links in the blog under “links to get free electronics,” then sign up for an offer, which you can cancel in a few days. Finally, get others do use your link to sign up.

This is the tricky part. I had originally had really good success with this by just putting up eBay auctions. Right off the bat, I completed some Gratis network free stuff websites. I received an Apple Ipod 80 GB, Apple Ipod 30 GB, a Playstation 2 slim, and and Ipod shuffle (looked very different a few years ago). eBay caught on fast, and their staff doesn’t allow me to put up referral links. It’s also funny how many people never read my auction and thought that I was physically selling the actual item.

These days, it’s not so easy to get referrals. However, e-commerce marketers employ a few strategies to get free items from sites like wish4free, gratis networks, offer centric, and transcendent innovations (they have a unique system where you can complete the referrals for yourself).

Trading in forums: People go into forums like Freeipodguide and anything4free and trade referrals. This can be a good way to do it, but it gets very involved. Luckily, they have a trading rating system that helps prevent against users being taken advantage of. The system favors users who have traded more. These users get to go second in the trade, which is a huge advantage if the free Ipod/stuff trader doesn’t pull through.

Conga lines: These are systems where a group of people agree to form a line. The conga leader gets his or her free site referrals completed by everyone below. Then, after the conga leader is finished with their referrals. The person in Conga position number two becomes the conga leader. The process is then repeated for the new conga leader. Conga lines work great, especially if the people behind the conga leaders communicate well. This spreads out the effort evening between all the conga members, and thus sites like wish4free will easily be completed and everyone is happy. Other methods of web marketing referral free Ipod/stuff sites are social networking, blogging, and pay per click. I’ll get into these more in part two of this article.

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