Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to use Google Adwords to advertise your business sucessfully

The upshot to winning marketing is understanding what users want, perseverance, and reaching out to potential customers in order to create worth and to maximize their experience. I’d like to share some information about mastering Google Adwords with you. I was thinking about it on the train along the way to work today and couldn’t help but blog about this topic today. With the cost per click or (CPC) on the rise, it’s important to realize that in a Google Adwords campaign, you may or may not see a positive return on investment right away. Creating value is key to the contemporary day marketer, and you may have to wait until customers who signed up for your online newsletter or e-mail subscriptions pull through. Google Adwords is the most well known online advertising pay per click system (PPC). It allows businesses or any advertiser to get right to the point, and get what you pay for. Google Adwords brings the search experience back to the customer. Instead of stuffing annoying pop-up ads, spam emails, or banner ads into user’s faces, people search for what they want to using search engines. Yahoo Search Marketing formerly called Omniture is another PPC system where advertisers can pay for clicks. Google Adwords allows for the user to set up a hierarchy in their advertising structure. The campaigns are sub-organized into groups, and you can make them even smaller into keyword groups in order to better track cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on investment (ROI). Cost per acquisition is simply calculated by dividing the total cost by the conversions (success in what your are selling). Return on investment which is another financial term used in marketing is simply total revenues divided by total cost. Maximizing return on investment for your Google Adwords marketing campaign can be a difficult task, especially for the novice advertiser. Numerous new advertisers think that you have to spend a lot of money to get into the number one spot on the Google Adwords rotation (this is the order that the ads will show up when a user searches for your keywords). There are ten spots on the ad rotation for the first page. This means that you will want to be within the top ten positions in order to get good search engine visibility. Intuitively, you don’t need to be in the number one spot, which is usually over paid for in a Google Adwords bidding war. Being in one of the top ten spots will suffice. With Google Adwords, you enter a maximum bid amount that you are willing to pay. If you pay the minimum, then you may be outbid too much and have a low click through ratio. The click through ratio is calculated by dividing clicks by the total number of impressions (how many times your ad appeared). Increasing your bid or optimizing your keyword groups (use the Google Adwords keyword tool or the Wordtracker keyword tool) will help bring up your click through ratio and ad position. With the right strategy, you can become a successful Google Adwords advertiser and create a valuable experience for customers while gaining a profit for your business.

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