Wednesday, July 20, 2011

seo guide to transparency issues

London, UK (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

Many companies have a hard time searching for search engine optimization companies because they do not know what's involved to rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
To add to the problem, many SEO companies are not providing detailed information about exactly what is included in the services. Reasons might be that these SEO companies don't want to reveal what it takes, or they are trying to take short cuts.
SEO Specialist's SEO guide is an attempt to teach individuals and companies more about website optimization and what it takes to succeed in search engines. After reading the entire SEO guide it becomes easier to understand what kind of SEO services to purchase.
So what is included in the SEO Guide?
SEO school is a free, simple and straight forward guide to search engine optimization. The guide covers all areas of website optimisation and it is divided into four chapters;
-SEO analysis: How to analyse your website covers topics such as competitor analysis and keyword analysis.
-On-Page SEO: Explain the importance of continually adding new content to your website pages. It teaches how to identify the right keyword to optimise and shows how to create SEO friendly titles, headlines and content.
-Link Building: Learn methods achieving natural links, link valuation metrics and how to detect paid links.
-SEO Performance Management: Teaches methods of measuring and monitoring search engine optimization.
SEO school covers both established SEO methods such as creating good headlines to more secret topics like how to detect paid links.
Why care about SEO School?
Before a company order SEO services, they need to know what's involved to succeed. Attending the free SEO school online is a quick way to better understand which factors affects search engine ranking.
For more information about SEO Specialist’s guide to SEO and search engine optimization services, visit or
About SEO Specialist:
SEO Specialist is a SEO company from London, UK. With 8 years experience in search engine optimization, SEO specialist offers first class SEO services. SEO consultancy services offered include performance based SEO, search engine consultancy, link building solutions, keyword research, multilingual SEO and search engine friendly copywriting.


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